Good day, we here on another week of our network and internets exploits and loopholes and we will be providing Kenya Safaricom Free Browsing to our Kenya Readers.

If you noticed most of our post have always been using VPN Connection for free browsing tweak and today we also be using Droid VPN like the way we did for Airtel Sudan.


Let’s get straight to the Requirements before we proceed to the step.

  • A Safaricom Sim Card
  • Zero data (Doesn’t Requires data nor airtime)
  • Droid VPN and an Account


  • Firstly create an account on the Droid VPN app.
  • Now we need to setup the settings, we are using UDP MODE.

Follow the steps below to configure the UDP mode.

  • Remote UDP Port => 5432, 443, 115, or 53
  • Local UDP Port => 0, 8080, or 80?
  • Choose UDP mode => Mode 1
  • Tunnel MTU Size => 900
  • TCount => 1
  • RCount => 3 or 1

After Configuring the settings as above,

  • Now Start/ Connect.


Enjoying the Kenya Safaricom Free Browsing via Droid VPN? You want to share with your PC or Family and Friends? We can help out.

To Share this internet connectivity of the free Browsing without limit kindly follow this steps here.

If You Have any Further Suggestions, Questions, Complains feel free to use the comment section or contact us on Telegram.

NOTICE : This Post is only for Educational Purpose and to alert the ISP of Vulnerability at their server side.